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inside her brain it’s a mix of zeros and ones

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she’s beauty and she’s grace…

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a musical where all of the songs are in the first act

the second act consists of reprises of the same songs, in reverse order, where every reprise is a dark ironic echo of the original version and it just gets more and more horrifying until the finale: a twisted, demented version of the opening number

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1x21 & 2x04

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what even is this show

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Thank you to our incredible #AgentsofSHIELD fans who came bearing gifts for me at #PaleyFest ! I❤️U! #NYC
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Hiiii these are some prizes “” I did for a contest in a forum. Fanfics, header, fanart and amv 

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incantation;; instrumentals that conjure magic, folds in gowns, and spellbinding fantasies [[listen]]

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Community ABC’s
↳ D: The Darkest Timeline

"Enough with the timeline crap, Abed! Pierce got shot in the leg and died. Shirley’s a drunk. Annie’s locked in a mental ward because her guilt drove her insane. Jeff lost an arm in the fire. Troy lost his larynx because for some dumb reason he tried to destroy a flaming troll doll by eating it. Life has gone to hell, Abed!" 

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